Professional Enhancement

Today, the workplace is like a second home. It’s a place where people spend as much, or maybe, more time than they do at home. Maintaining a balance between a stressful work & family life seems to be getting tougher by the day.

The most important ‘c’s’, Change and Challenge, are constant features of the hard corporate world which requires one to continually keep renewing  knowledge, skills and expertise in his/her area of work. Most people are always struggling to stay afloat in the high seas of cut throat competition. On the one hand, you see them acquiring high qualifications, drawing huge salaries and holding prestigious designations, however if you delve deeper into their lives you will realize that it is ridden with unhealthy competition, insecurity, distrust, stress and constant tension. They are leading imbalanced lives wearing the fa├žade of satisfaction and success.

Although it may not be overtly noticed, this dichotomy leads to low motivation strongly impacting the overall productivity of an individual. In the scenario of constant change and challenge, organizations today, require employees who can effectively combat stress and overcome challenges with adept ease, simplicity and promptness. Optimum output from each employee is invaluable for an organization to achieve optimum productivity and thus maximum profit.

If an organization wants to grow then it’s most important resource, viz. the human resource needs to be holistically sound so that it can steadily achieve organizational goals. To achieve their fullest potential employees today, not only require a high level of technical and functional expertise, but more importantly life skills such as initiative, flexibility, persistence, resilience, social skills, creativity and resourcefulness.  The more goal oriented and solution centric an employee is, the more motivated and productive he is. In the words of Stephen Covey, “Employers and business leaders need people who can think for themselves - who can take initiative and be the solution to problems”.

 Pure Persona’s ‘Train to Transform’ workshops aim to help professionals inculcate and integrate essential life skills making them experts in ‘people management’. These are the skills which will help them leverage their technical and functional skills and place themselves in the category of high achievers. Rather than being viewed as liabilities they would be prized assets of the organization.

Workshop Bouquet-
  1. Well Formed Outcomes -The Key To Successful Goal Achievement
  2. Dissolving Resistance through Rapport- Easy Influencing Skills
  3. Conflict Resolution – The Win-Win Way
  4. Getting The Response You Want - Secrets Of Skilful Communication
  5. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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