The Story Of The Musk Deer

There once lived a beautiful musk deer in a forest. He sensed a sweet fragrance around him, and wondered where it came from.  As the fragrance became stronger he decided that come what may he will find its source. So he began his search and he kept on, night and day, one place to another, determined and relentless. But all in vain. Wherever he went the same sweet fragrance haunted him, but the source still eluded him.

As days passed he became more and more frantic, to the extent that he would climb the most dangerous places. He couldn’t care about anything other than finding out where the sweet fragrance came from. By now, the scent had intoxicated him and in utter desperation, one day he climbed the highest cliff of a mountain range and jumped down the cliff. As he lay at the bottom, struggling for breath, he suddenly noticed his musk glands all torn apart. In that split second, a sudden realization dawned on him – the very thing that he was searching for, lay right there within his own body.  But it was too late, came the last breath and there he lay still and lifeless.  Slowly, the fragrance spread across the entire valley and filled the air with its enchanting sweetness.

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